The top list of the best restaurants in Koblenz.

Discover the best restaurants in Koblenz with our top list. Enjoy only the best food in your area. The best chefs in Koblenz look forward to serving you. We made this top list for you so you can enjoy only the best food. All the restaurants on this top list are simply outstanding and should be tried out. 




German restaurant

Cosy restaurant with a terrace and regional German classics such as schnitzel, sausages and beer.

Münzstrasse 16A, 56068 Koblenz

Restaurant SauBar - This is where Kowelenz eats (


Restaurant Syrtaki

Greek Restaurant


Souvlaki skewers, moussaka and other Greek specialties in a stylish restaurant with warm golden tones.

Hohenzollernstraße 104, 56068 Koblenz

Greek restaurant in Koblenz - Syrtaki Koblenz - Greek restaurant in Koblenz - Syrtaki Koblenz - Greek restaurant in Koblenz (


Königsbacher Treff

Löhrstrasse 143, 56068 Koblenz



Lezizel Manti - Turkish Dumplings

Am Plan 12, 56068 Koblenz

Lezizel – Manti - Turkish Dumplings


Thailand Restaurant Chaopraya

Thai restaurant

Kastorpfaffenstrasse 2, 56068 Koblenz



Old Brewery

German restaurant

Cosy restaurant with regional specialties such as schnitzel, sausages and other meat dishes as well as draft beer.

Braugasse 4, 56068 Koblenz

Home | Old brewery Koblenz (


Neffisso Restaurant Koblenz

Carl-Spaeter-Strasse 7, 56070 Koblenz



Restaurant Croatia

Hohenzollernstraße 116, 56068 Koblenz



HANS IM GLÜCK Burgergrill & Bar

Burger restaurant

Am Plan 11, 56068 Koblenz

Hans im Glück: Order and reservation (


Gerhard's pleasure society

Creative, internationally influenced dishes and wine in a vaulted restaurant with terrace.

Danziger Freiheit 3, 56068 Koblenz

Gerhards Genussgesellschaft in the Blumenhof at the Deutsches Eck (


in the south - cookable

Markenbildchenweg 30, 56068 Koblenz

in the south delicatessen & Kochbar - Menu (


spanclass="bold">Sushi & Ramen Pirates

Ramen Restaurant

Nigiri and maki as well as sesame spinach from the experienced chef in the menuü or ? la carte in the sushi bar with red seating areas.

Hohenzollernstrasse 129, 56068 Koblenz

Sushi & Ramen Pirates (


Lieser's Bistro

Görresstrasse, 56068 Koblenz

Liesers - ; Bistro Cafeé Bar (


Cowboy's Burger Saloon

Burger restaurant

Heavy homemade burgers, fries and salad served with beer in a Wild West saloon-style eatery.

Casinostrasse 45, 56068 Koblenz

Cowboys Burger Saloon | Your Sheriff in Town (


Sushi Bar Ichiban

Sushi restaurant

The eatery with wooden furniture and a high glass front serves sushi, miso soup as well as beers and rice wine from Japan.

Clemensstraße 26-30, 56068 Koblenz

A celebration in a restaurant, just like the best restaurants on the Snack Online top list. Enjoy only the best food in Koblenz. The best restaurants in your area await you.