The Forge Kitchen in Ipswich

The Forge Kitchen is a cozy and creative dining and drinking venue in Ipswich, located just steps from the historic harbor and marina. The former electricity works still retains many of its original industrial features, providing the perfect setting for the magical steampunk ambience. Whether you're looking for a romantic meal, a special occasion or a fun evening, you'll find something to suit every taste and occasion.


Tel: +441473232009

The Forge Kitchen is best known for its **smoky burgers**, which were a finalist in the 2023 National Burger Awards. The burgers are made from fresh local beef and served with homemade sauces and sides. You can choose from a variety of options including classic cheeseburgers, spicy jalapeño burgers, or even vegetarian and vegan burgers. If you feel like something different, you can also try other dishes such as **smoked ribs**, **grilled salmon** or **salads**.

In addition to the food, The Forge Kitchen also offers a selection of **unique cocktails** that you can enjoy in the spacious bar, two-story restaurant or on the rooftop terrace. The cocktails are inspired by the steampunk aesthetic and have creative names such as **Clockwork Orange**, **Steam Machine** or **The Time Traveller**. The ingredients are fresh and seasonal, and the bartenders are always ready to recommend or mix something new for you.

The Forge Kitchen is not just a place to eat and drink, but also a place to experience and discover. The restaurant regularly hosts **live music**, **quiz nights** and **themed parties**, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere. You can also book your own event here, be it a birthday party, a corporate event or a wedding. The friendly and professional team will take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy your time.

So if you're looking for a restaurant in Ipswich that offers more than just good food, then you should visit The Forge Kitchen. Here you will find a mix of quality, creativity and fun that you will not soon forget.

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The Forge Kitchen - Cocktail Bar & Restaurant - Ipswich, Suffolk

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