Restaurant Wilde Kuh in Bielefeld

The Wilde Kuh restaurant in Bielefeld is a paradise for meat lovers. Juicy steaks, burgers, schnitzels and other meat dishes are served here, all made from regional and sustainable ingredients.

The ambience is rustic and cozy, with wooden furniture, cowhides and an open fireplace.

The menu offers something for every taste, from classic dishes such as rump steak with fried potatoes and salad, to creative creations such as the Wilde Kuh burger with ground beef, cheddar, bacon, fried egg and BBQ sauce.

Vegetarians and vegans don't miss out here either, as there are also delicious salads, soups and pasta without meat.


The Wilde Kuh restaurant is an ideal place for a convivial evening with friends or family, where you can enjoy high-quality and tasty food.