Restaurant Spatzl in M&uum;nster

Today I would like to tell you about my visit to the Spatzl restaurant in Münster. The Spatzl is a Bavarian inn located in the former Kruse Baimken, a historic building on the city moat, between Lake Aasee and the promenade. The Spatzl offers a typical Bavarian menu with classics such as white sausage, fried chicken and liver cheese, as well as a selection of draft beers. The ambience is cozy and rustic, with wooden furniture and Alpine-style decorations. The restaurant has two floors that can accommodate up to 100 people, as well as a beautiful beer garden with a view of Lake Aasee.


I was there on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was busy but not crowded. I was greeted warmly and shown to a table upstairs. The service was attentive and courteous without being intrusive. I ordered a Mass Helles and a fried chicken with potato salad. The beer came quickly and was refreshing and drinkable. The fried chicken was crispy and juicy, the potato salad was fresh and spicy. The portions were generous and I was full. The price was reasonable for the quality and quantity of food.

I felt very comfortable at Spatzl and can recommend it to anyone who wants a Bavarian meal in Münster. The Spatzl is a small piece of Munich in the heart of Münster that impresses with its hospitality and flair.

You can find more information about Spatzl on their website:

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