Restaurant Maki Maki Sushi Green in M&uum;nster

Today I would like to introduce you to a special restaurant in Münster: the Maki Maki Sushi Green. As the name suggests, it is a vegan sushi restaurant that has been on Hammer Strasse since 2015. I was curious about what sushi could taste like without fish and ordered some of the creative creations.


The Maki Maki Sushi Green is a small but cozy restaurant with a modern interior. The menu offers a large selection of different sushi rolls with unusual fillings such as sweet potato, beetroot, smoked tofu or seitan. There are also typical side dishes such as seaweed salad, kimchi, edamame or miso soup. Japanese beer and sake are also available.

I chose the Classic Avocado (Hoso Maki), the Lucky no meat Maki (Ura Maki) with avocado and seitan and the Korean Hills of Fire (special Californian Maki) with tofu, avocado and Chinese cabbage. The portions were generous and the presentation was very attractive. The sushi was fresh, crunchy and delicious. The different flavors harmonized well with each other and were not too spicy or too sweet. I was positively surprised at how good vegan sushi can taste.

The Maki Maki Sushi Green is a great address for everyone who loves sushi but wants to avoid animal products or simply wants to try something new. The restaurant also offers catering for private or corporate events as well as sushi classes. The prices are fair and the staff is friendly and competent. I can only recommend Maki Maki Sushi Green and will definitely eat there again soon.