Grill house in Eschweiler

The Grill-Haus in Eschweiler is a cozy restaurant that specializes in grilled specialties from different countries. Whether you're in the mood for a juicy steak, a spicy bratwurst, a tender chicken or a vegetarian grilled vegetable, you'll find what you're looking for here. The Grill-Haus offers a diverse selection of meats and vegetables, which you can combine to your taste with various marinades, sauces and side dishes. The portions are generous and the prices are fair.


Tel: 02403 70 49 46

The atmosphere of the grill house is rustic and cozy. The walls are lined with wood and decorated with pictures of grill masters from all over the world. The tables are made of solid wood and covered with checkered tablecloths. The lighting is warm and inviting. There is soft music playing in the background, inviting you to relax and enjoy.

The staff at the Grill-Haus are friendly and attentive. They take your order quickly and bring you your food fresh from the grill. They are always ready to give you recommendations or answer your questions. They make sure that you feel comfortable and satisfied.

The Grill House is an ideal place for a cozy evening with friends or family. Here you can enjoy delicious grilled dishes and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. The Grill House is also suitable for larger groups who want to celebrate a special occasion. You can reserve a separate room here and create an individual menu. have it put together.

So if you are looking for a restaurant that offers you grilled delicacies from different countries, then you should visit the Grill-Haus in Eschweiler. You will be amazed by the quality, service and ambience. The Grill-Haus is a restaurant that you will enjoy visiting again and again.