The top 10 top list of the best fast food snacks in Stuttgart

Not all fast food is the same. There are many different types of takeaways that offer tasty and quick meals, perfect for a short break or between meals. Whether burgers, kebabs, pizza, currywurst or falafel - there is something for every taste in Stuttgart. In this blog post we introduce you to the top 10 best fast food snack bars in Stuttgart that you should definitely try.


1. Burger House
Burger House is a local chain that makes fresh and juicy burgers using local ingredients. You can choose from different types of meat, rolls, sauces and side dishes and put together your burger according to your taste. The fries are crispy and the salads are crunchy. The ambience is modern and cozy, and the service is friendly and fast. A real insider tip for burger fans.

2. Döner King
Döner King is a traditional Turkish snack bar that has existed in Stuttgart for over 20 years. Here you get one of the best doner kebabs in town, with fresh flatbread, tender meat from the skewer, crispy salad and spicy sauces. There are also other Turkish specialties such as lahmacun, pide, börek or baklava. The portions are generous and the prices are fair. A must for all Döner lovers.

3. Pizza Point
Pizza Point is a pizzeria that bakes authentic Italian pizza in a stone oven. You can choose from many different toppings, from classic to exotic, and customize your pizza. The pizza is thin and crispy, the cheese is melted and the dough is airy. The ingredients are fresh and of high quality. The atmosphere is familiar and welcoming, and the smell of pizza fills the room. A paradise for pizza fans.

4. Curry 36
Curry 36 is a Berlin original that has recently also been represented in Stuttgart. Here you can get the famous currywurst with fries or rolls, which are refined with a homemade curry sauce. The sausage is crunchy and spicy, the sauce is spicy and aromatic, and the fries are golden and crispy. The portions are plentiful and the prices are affordable. A classic for all currywurst fans.

5. Falafel Express
Falafel Express is an oriental snack bar that offers fresh and delicious falafel. You can order your falafel as a sandwich in flatbread or as a plate with salad and hummus. The falafel are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the sauces are creamy and spicy, and the salad is colorful and fresh. The ingredients are vegetarian or vegan and the preparation is quick and hygienic. A treat for all falafel fans.

6. Hot Dog House
Hot Dog House is an American snack bar that serves original hot dogs. You can choose from different sausages, rolls and toppings and create your hot dog according to your taste. The sausages are juicy and hot, the buns are soft and sweet, and the toppings are varied and delicious. The atmosphere is relaxed and cool, and the service is nice and quick. A fun for all hot dog fans.

7. Sushi Box
Sushi Box is a Japanese sushi bar that offers fresh and high quality sushi. You can choose from different types of sushi, from maki to nigiri to sashimi, or have your own box put together. The sushi is tender and delicate, the rice is sticky and sweet, and the fish is fresh and clean. The soy sauce, wasabi and ginger round off the taste experience. The atmosphere is simple and elegant and the service is polite and professional. An experience for all sushi fans.

8. Waffle World
Waffle World is a Belgian waffle bakery that offers delicious and creative waffles. You can choose from different types of dough, shapes and toppings and design your waffle according to your taste. The waffles are warm and fluffy, the toppings are sweet. and chocolaty, and the combinations are endless. The atmosphere is cozy and homely and the service is friendly and attentive. A dream for all waffle fans.

9. Noodle Box
Noodle Box is an Asian noodle bar that offers quick and healthy noodle dishes. You can choose from verChoose from different types of pasta, sauces and ingredients and have your pasta dish put together according to your taste. The pasta is al dente and tasty, the sauces are spicy and sophisticated, and the ingredients are fresh and crunchy. The portions are large; and filling, and the prices are reasonable. A hit for all noodle fans.


10. Sandwich Shop
Sandwich Shop is a British sandwich bar that offers sandwiches with various fillings. You can choose from different types of bread, cold cuts, cheeses and salads and have your sandwich topped according to your taste. The breads are fresh and crunchy, the fillings are juicy and hearty, and the salads are green and healthy. The sandwiches are ideal for a snack or light lunch, and the prices are fair. A favorite for all sandwich fans.

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