The top 10 list of the best fast food restaurants in Magdeburg

Not all fast food is the same. There are many different types of snack bars that offer tasty and quick meals. Whether burgers, kebabs, pizza or fries, there is something for every taste. But what are the best fast food places in Magdeburg? We looked around and made a top 10 list based on reviews, price and quality. Here are our favorites:


1. Burger King
Of course, the classic among the fast food chains should not be missing. Burger King offers juicy burgers, crispy fries and fresh salads. The selection is large; and the quality is right. In addition, there are always great offers and promotions that make the visit even more attractive. You can find Burger King at several locations in Magdeburg, for example at Hasselbachplatz or at the main train station.

2. Dönerland
If you fancy a delicious doner kebab, you've come to the right place at Dönerland. Here you can get fresh meat from the spit, crunchy vegetables and spicy sauces served in a flatbread or on a plate. Portions are generous and prices are fair. Dönerland has several branches in Magdeburg, including on Breite Weg and Lübecker Strasse.

3. Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is the address for all pizza lovers. Here you can choose from many different varieties, from classic to exotic. The pizzas are crispy, juicy and richly topped. You can also put together your own pizza or try one of the delicious starters or desserts. Pizza Hut is available in Magdeburg in the Allee-Center or in the Flora-Park.

4. Curry & Co.
Curry & Co. is a paradise for all fans of currywurst and fries. Here you can choose from different types of sausages, sauces and levels of spiciness and create your own individual currywurst. The fries are homemade and crispy. The atmosphere is modern and cozy. Curry & You can find Co. in Magdeburg on Otto-von-Guericke-Strasse or on Halberstädter Strasse.

5. Subway
Subway is a popular alternative for anyone who wants to eat something healthy and light. Here you can put together your own sandwich from fresh bread, toppings and salad or order one of the ready-made menus. The sandwiches are delicious, fresh and filling. Subway has several branches in Magdeburg, for example on Ernst-Reuter-Allee or on Leipziger Strasse.

6. Asia Wok
Asia Wok is an insider tip for everyone who likes Asian cuisine. Here you can choose from a variety of dishes that are freshly prepared in front of you. Whether rice, noodles, vegetables or meat, everything is spicy, juicy and delicious. The portions are large; and the prices small. Asia Wok is available in Magdeburg in the City-Carree or in the Bördepark.

7. McDonald's
McDonald's is another classic fast food chain that still has many fans. Here you can get well-known burgers like the Big Mac or the McChicken, but also new creations like the Veggieburger or the McWrap. There are also fries, nuggets, salads and much more. McDonald's has many locations in Magdeburg, for example at Universitätsplatz or Olvenstedter Platz.

8. Kebab Haus
Kebab Haus is a small but nice snack bar that specializes in Turkish specialties. Here you can get not only kebab, but also lahmacun, pide, börek and other delicacies. The ingredients are fresh and the sauces are homemade. The staff is friendly and courteous. You can find Kebab House in Magdeburg on Schönebecker Strasse.

9. North Sea
Nordsee is the first address for everyone who loves fish and seafood. Here you can choose from many different dishes, from fried fish to salmon to shrimp. The fish products are fresh, high quality and sustainable. There are also delicious side dishes such as potato salad, rolls or fries. There is North Sea in Magdeburg in the Allee-Center or in the Flora-Park.


10. Hello Pizza
Hello Pizza is a local provider offering delicious pizzas, pastas, salads and snacks. The pizzas are large, thin and crispy and topped with many different ingredients. The pasta is al dente and refined with delicious sauces. The salads are fresh and crunchy. The snacks are varied andtasty. Hello Pizza delivers quickly and reliably to your home or office. You can order online or by phone.